Here’s Looking at Film, Kid


Some would call me a cool cat, while others would say I’m a total yenta. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, but who knows. I like celery, old-man-style cardigans, and have been known to write things of the short story and poem persuasions from time to time. Languages are my thing; I speak French, German, un poco español and have dabbled in the hilarity that is Yiddish. I’ve also recently discovered that I can fit through small doggie doors. Yes, exciting, I know.

I am currently studying abroad in Europe (a semester en la belle France followed by 3 weeks in Deutschland), but will be back at my statestide university, Pacific Lutheran, in February. This is my last year of college (at least undergrad), and after that, I have no idea as to what I will do with my life, so don’t bother asking.

As for why I love film, the answer is simple: buying DVDs is easier than making friends. Seriously though, there really is nothing like going to the theater and seeing a really good movie. Movies are good times with friends, childhood memories, and something to keep you company on lonely nights. Some call me a cinema snob, but I consider myself more of a thoughtful viewer. Make of that what you will; it did sound kind of pretentious. Other than a couple of cinema courses in college and a long-forgotten movie review blog from high school, I do not possess any “official” writing credentials; I just watch a lot of movies. And TV. As far as my taste in movies goes, it runs the gamut. I like anything from arthouse to grindhouse to slightly-disguised soap operatics (that last one could just be the gay coming through).

I am always reticent when it comes to making any type of ordered list of my favorite movies; I simply can’t do it. So, here are just few of the films that I love in no particular order:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Être et avoir
Rear Window
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Ghost World
La passion de Jeanne d’Arc
Some Like it Hot
Un long dimanche de fiançailles
Kill Bill vol.1
Bande à part
The Royal Tenenbaums
X-Men 2
Drop Dead Gorgeous


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