Here’s Looking at Film, Kid

In which Matt returns and gripes about televisions by Matt
December 13, 2007, 3:14 am
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Yep, I’m back. I could make a big long entry detailing the many, many excuses I’ve prepared, but I’ll stick with the most prominent: college. I think education is a pretty solid excuse to not update your blog, isn’t it? Lucky for me, Kolby had my back and dropped three reviews a few days ago. I think I like this tag-team blog gig. But enough of my yackin’ — let’s boogie!

Congratulations on the new television. Too bad you’re an idiot.

Alright. So flat-panel TVs are all the rage right now. And I’ll admit, they’re pretty slick. I mean, think about the 40″-60″ widescreen televisions we had six years ago. They look like the freaking monolith compared to these sleek and sexy hi-def wonders. And that’s the thing too: they’re lighter, slimmer and the picture quality is absolutely fantastic. No gripes here. But here’s the inevitable downside to technology: the consumer is going to find a way, somehow, to screw it up.

Enter, stage right, the wall-mounted flat-panel television. Because people thought it would be cool to stick a TV on the wall — simply because it’s light and slim enough to — houses across America now have plasma TVs hanging above their fireplaces. There are two things wrong with this: 1) It looks stupid and 2) It is, inherently, stupid. Why, you ask, would mounting a TV on the wall be a bad idea?

Because the average family room is less than 15 feet from one side to the other, that’s why. And mounting a flat-panel on the wall is like sitting in the front row of the movie theater. Most experts agree that the eyes should be level with the top of the TV screen to ensure minimal neck, back and eye strain. But if you nail your TV to the wall, where does your gaze fall? About five feet short, partner.

I understand the appeal. It saves space. It makes the room look bigger. Some people think it looks cool. But the hard facts are these: mounting a TV on the wall is bad for the eyes, neck and back. And, as I mentioned, it looks stupid to have a flat-panel mounted above your fireplace. And don’t ask me why, it just does and you know it. And I for one don’t want to sit through any film with my neck bent at an 120 degree angle.

Hopefully this is a passing fad and people will return their TVs to the entertainment centers where they belong.


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I’ve got a flat panel… guess where it’s mounted? The wall. My neck hurts like hell after a movie and I find myself laying down just so I can see the whole screen. I hate it, but there’s nowhere else to put the dang thing. It doesn’t fit in the entertainment center of the TV it replaced and all the tables low enough to put it at eye level would explode if I put a TV on it. I can’t even go out and buy a new table because I already spent all my money on the TV. Woe is me. šŸ˜‰

Comment by Chris H

You know, that’s the problem: manufacturers aren’t giving people alternatives. I should have mentioned this in the post, but a good majority of homes nowadays come built with inlets above the fireplace for flat-panel televisions. So sad.

Comment by Matt

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